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Superstrat Project Abandonment, Brand New Parts For Sale.

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Hey folks,

I've got the following items for sale from a superstrat project that is getting abandoned.

All brand new:

* Allparts SMO strat neck. It's brand new, no drill holes, never played, tag still on the headstock, etc. This neck is the SMO, it has a maple fretboard, 12" radius, 22 medium jumbo frets. Direct from allparts they're $160. New from a dealer, closer to $120. I'll take $95 shipped to the CONUS.

* Gotoh schaller-style guitar tuners. Chrome, 6-inline, brand new, still in the package. See part number #1951 on this link for reference. $25 shipped to CONUS.

* Gotoh Floyd Rose Tremolo. Chrome. Brand new, still in the packaging. Comes with R2 floyd nut, allen keys, tremolo, bar, shims for nut. This is the same exact floyd rose on the MusicMan Axis guitar. See this picture. The bar and nut are included with this, but not pictured however. The best quality licensed floyd out there. I have one on my evh strat and it is as good as an OFR. $95 shipped to CONUS.

* I also have a half finished HSS superstrat guitar body that you can have for $10 + shipping. The bodywood is 3-piece Alder. The body has been routed for HSS, rear control cavity, non-recessed floyd (mounting posts aren't drilled yet), regular strat neck and the countours/sides are not shapped yet. I will include a handful of goodies with this particular body, if someone grabs it. I have 4 black recess neck mounts, 4 black 1.5" neck screws, chrome 1/2" self mount guitar jack, control cover back plate, etc. I will be glad to provide pictures of the body. The router bit chattered a tad during routing of the single coil routes, so there are very small epoxy repairs right at the routes. If you end up doing a sunburst, you will likely have to go a tad heavy on shading right around the pickup routes. Solid color, you're fine! If you are interested in doing a recessed Floyd Rose, I can also include floyd templates for you.

I will also entertain trades for new or good condition telecaster or stratocaster pickups. Seymour, Fender, Fralin, etc....let me know what you have and lets talk.



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