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70's Vox Ac30ss (uk Collection)

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I have an old amp thats taking up too much room and i dont need owt this big. Its an old Vox ac30 solidstate model from the early 70's. Heres a link to info from the Vox website:


Obviously this wont sound like a valve Vox ac30 but its does still sound very nice, its very warm and full. It doesnt really do distortion by itself but sounds pretty good with a pedal in front of it. Mine had two 12" greenback celestion speakers, i think most had fanes. the serial number is 33672 which makes me think it might be from 1972. It has 3 channels with 2 inputs each which means you can have 6 instruments running throuhg this at once, and i have!! The vib/trem option sounds excellent and very authentic, it has had a new footpedal attched to switch this on and off. It also has a jack socket on the back for extension speakers, i think this may be an addition.

Cosmetically its in pretty good nick but could do with a polish, no lifting of the tolex or anything. The grill cloth has a few pulls on it but no rips or anything.

Its never really been gigged and only had occasional use in the 12 years i have had it.

I am hoping for around £300 for it but feel free to make me an offer!!

its collection only because its a heavy beast. I live in Burton Upon Trent (near derby) in the midlands.

heres some pictures:





sorry for the poor quality pics, its my camera phone.

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