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Floyd's, How Do They Mount And Pivot On Screws?

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The bridge isn't screwed down, just the posts. The bridge pivots against the posts on a "knife edge". It's the tension between the springs & the strings that holds the bridge in position, if you remove the strings it is possible on some floyds to pull the bridge away from the posts. If you were to remove the springs also, the bridge would just fall out, that is why Floyds can be such a pain to set up correctly because any change to the strings, action, spring tension has a knock on effect to something else.

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I think the smartest route would be to take a guitar apart with a Floyd Rose and put it back together to fully understand it.

The bridge isn't screwed in anywhere, it's just floating there with the tension of the strings and the springs held in place by the claw in the back route of the guitar. The post holes (or what I believe is called the posts) are drilled about an inch deep and the posts fit very tightly in there. This is what keeps the bridge in place.

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Yeah ok thanks. I've got a guitar with a floyd, I'm not a complete idiot, well... :D anyway...

Just the actual mounting I was a bit unsure about, how it's screwed down and still pivots. I understand the springs and all very easily.

it's not screwed down!

if you got a guitar with a floyd just look at your guitar.

take the strings off and see for yourself.

you'll see. but then, I'm pretty sure you'll need help to get everything back in place.

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