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Custom Pickup Wiring

Samba Pa Ti

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ok i had this idea last night in bed, and decided it might be good to try.

im not sure if the wiring is any good (its a bit weird but seems logical to me) im trying to use 3 lace transensors (not supposed to mix them with other types of pickups) and 3 regular lace sensors (red/gold/silver, not that it matters) so i thought i would use a 3pdt switch to swap the hot leads on each Set of pickups, that way its only 4 switches and im not really mixing the types (havent tried transensors with other pickups so i couldnt say what would happen, it should be fine using this switching.

Excuse my diagram (its a mess) i used the brian may switching diagram to make my own since it has nice parts and its neat (not anymore), i like the idea of it being in series also,

the grey thing is a (sub)ground for the pickups, i was thinking of using a coin tinned up with solder .

spot any mistakes ?!?

can anyone think of a way to improve on this ?

any input welcome im just bored right now trying to use up some spare parts : )


Edit, just thought about the switching and the negative wires of the pickups, could use a 4pdt switch and then the negative side isnt mixed with the other pickups (not that it matters its just neater)


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Guest Mavet

you could use a standart strat 5 way switch (2 poles), wire each set of pickups to a different pole and run the two commons to a spdt / dpdt selector switch. the latter can be a push/push pot or something. :D

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So you're going to have 6 single-coils on your guitar in total? Is there space? They won't jam together side-by side as nicely as the individual coils of a humbucker, I don't think.

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should be plenty of room, the body im using as a big trough routed into it, the only thing that will be annoying is the bridge pickup being slanted (i might make it straight when i route the pickguard, not sure what impact this will have onthe sound)

i remember seeing an Ernie ball guitar a long time ago that had lots of pickups in it, i was thinking about when i had this idea

edit maybe this is it http://www.wolfgangguitars.com/Nigel%20-%20top%202.jpg (im sure they were all different pickups though)

it does say its an ernie ball though http://www.wolfgangguitars.com/Mr.Horsepower.htm

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Yeah, that's the EB/MusicMan Albert Lee body style-- modded up in style! <laff>

I think 6 single-coils will look hella ugly, but what the heck... it's all in the name of trying new things and having some fun. :D

There's another Ernie Ball with a lot of pickups-- the Steve Morse model:


Since Lace pickups are generally without polepieces, it might end up looking "clean" enough. :D

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thats a nice guitar,

and yes it probably will look ugly but i stopped caring about looks a long time ago (im using a beaten up old body with lots of paintchips) i was originally thinking of using a set of trisonic's with the lace sensors (they would have looked worse with lace sensors),

just have to find a neck that fits and it should be good to go.

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