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Fender Colbalt Blue Transparent Finish

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Hi guys. I don't post much because I spend most of my time reading the vast ammount of info already here, but now I have a specific question. I'm ready to finish my first build, and I'm aiming for the exact color of the Fender Cobalt Blue from the link below:


I went to my local Woodcraft to grab some Transtint Blue (#6022) and they were out. I'm about to order some from stewmac but the question now is whether the transtint is enough to match that color, or if I'll need something else. I think it's the most vivid blue dye I've seen, but their color samples are on figured maple (presumably bleached). I believe the fender image is over swamp ash, and I'll be using it over unbleached alder.

Here is the link to the Transtint color sample:


Also, does anyone know whether I can finish over this dye with tru-oil? The transtint site says that it can be used with SOME oil products, but does not specify which.

Thanks in advance for all your help,


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Get the stew mac, and add it to laquer and spray! you can stain it directly on alder, it takes stain pretty good! Now the problem with the oils is that usialy you rub them in order to get good penetration and if you rub stain you will most probably lift some and end up looking blotchy.

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