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Jb Wiring, Sounds A Bit Funny

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I have an SD JB in the bridge position of my guitar with a Jazz in the neck. I love the sound of my neck position but the bridge sounds almost too twangy. I've tried everything with every possible EQ and it doesn't help, at least it didn't but then I found that if I fiddled with the tone knob it sort of made it go away, but not really. So this leads me to wonder what I could do to fix it? It's probably that the resistor I used when I installed it was too small, any opinions?

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I agree, you've got the wrong bridge pickup, mate.

just out of curiousity, what resistor are you referring to? a normal pickup circuit will usually not have a resistor! there will be a tone control CAPACITOR (little round flat thing with two legs) to cut the highs with. and volume and tone controls can be changed to different values to get more or less treble.

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