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Trussrod Installation Help

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I bought a trussrod from a shop on ebay assuming from the description & the photo that it was the same type (different adjuster) as another I bought from someone else. The item description is here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=130108743047

I bought number 8 which was listed as a double type, however, it is a single action truss rod. I tried turning the nut counter clockwise & it just unscrewed from the rod. I've contacted the seller & he said that he just listed them with the details that he was given, the only dual-action rod is #9 but they were described as double type rods probably because of the rod & attached bar.

I'm not too bothered really, people have been using single action rods for years, I just wondered how these rods are installed? I'm assuming that they are fitted in a straight channel with the flat bar at the top so that tightening the rod pulls the bar straight/loosening it allows the rod to bend with the neck?

If it needs a curved channel I'll probably just return it & get a 2-way.

BTW, I searched all the other trussrod installation topics (there's a few :D) & couldn't find this style of rod, sorry if it's been covered before.

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I'd be surprised if it is, it only bends in one direction & unscrews in the other. I have almost the exact same rod in another guitar with a spoke adjuster but that one bends in both directions. Either this one is broken & the nut hasn't been secured, which doesn't appear to be the case, or is is designed as a single action rod. I admit that it looks like a two-way which is why I bought it, it looks like the last one I bought but it certainly isn't adjustable both ways.

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Sorry, I think you are right that it is single acting. I was assuming that the nut was secured to the threaded rod. If it was and both ends were threaded then it would be double acting. If both ends are threaded and you were so inclining you might try using some J-B Weld on the threads at the nut end and then thread the nut back on. Essentially welding the not to the rod so when you turn it, it tightens or loosen then whole rod. But that will only work if the opposite end is threaded.

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It is a single action rod but needs a straight channel. It is based on the Rockenbigger style with one rod acting against the other to bend it. Not as effective as a normal bent rod but much easier to fit. Looking at the rods on there, only the last one is doube acting.

Whether there is a single rod or two working together is not imporant. You can have a single curved truss rod acting as a double action if the the adjustment nut can push (to increase the bend in the rod) as well as pull (to decrease the bow as normal)


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