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Bigsby Placement?

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iv orderd a gibson sg standard in natural burst and a bigsby (b50) and am wondering the distance to place it from the tune-o-matic bridge i have seen people place it at the verry base of the guitar but i allways thought that you are supposed to place a bigsby where the origional bridge was?

how far from the tune-o- matic bridge should i place it?

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When I fit a bigsby, I just went to the bisgby website (http://www.bigsbyguitars.com/) Click on "vibratos" in the left hand column, and then select your guitar or something close from the pulldown list. (You would obviously click "Gisbson SG" - I did the same as I was mounting on a flat-topped, TOM bridge guitar) Pulls up a picture of the guitar in question with an appropriate Bigsby. Use that to eyball it, or if you want to get specific pull the photo from the website and use known measurements (like scale length) to calculate the measurement from a known point.

You have a fair amount of lee-way though; you just want the thing to be close enough that the break angle over the bridge is enough to keep from getting buzz, and far enough that the strings aren't rubbing on the back of the bridge after coming off the saddles. Since you'll already know the bridge height after setting up the guitar, and you can measure the height off the body the strings will be coming off the bigsby, you can easily calculate the break angle and figure out how far back to place it.

FWIW, the guitar I have now with a B50 bisgbsy has the bigbsy about 2 3/16" behind the bridge. (Measuring from the center of the bridge at the bass side to the center of the tension bar roller on the B50.)

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