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Les Paul Neck Blank

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I am about to start building a Les Paul style guitar but haven't received the plans yet. What is a comfortable size of neck blank to get?

I have access to some 3"x3" walnut,( I'm using walnut instead of mahogany for the body and neck) but not much. What is the minimum length I could use? Assuming the piece is in good enough condition that is!

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3x3 should be enough to get a pair of necks out of if you're careful, length would depend if you're doing a scarf job on the headstocks or not. You might get away with around 25" for a pair of scarf joint headstocked necks, for a pair of one piece necks you might be looking at around 30-33"; I've just done this myself but unfortunately the neck blanks and plans I made are at home where I can't reach them to measure, since I'm away at Uni right now.


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