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I think it depends on what kinda tele it is. A more modern-ish tele, obviously wouldn't go well with an ash-tray bridge cover (imo). At the same time, that flame bridge wouldn't exactly look the greatest on say, a vintage re-issue or relic. Personally I would go for the 3 saddle bridge (old style) although I have heard they are hard to innotate, with a ash-tray bridge cover.


Did you stripe those guitars??? :D

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well heres what the finish is gonna be (its a curly maple Top) Terquise(sp) Stain/dye clear coat, birds eye maple with terquise(sp) stained/dyed trem neck and i wasa thinking this color dot inlay Blue Paua

Inlay Pic



hope fully they worked

if not let me no because i can see them so i don't no if u can't

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