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Sweet Jesus! Ke3!

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I used to have that exact same model, the eerie dess swirl. I waited months for it. Paid a mint for it too as this was before the Fender take over and all the prices were almost halved :D and have to say it looked really cool but the guitar itself had some of the worst finishing and quality control ever.

The case didn't support the guitar so it banged about inside when you were carrying it.

The paint chipped off in numerouse places, the lacquer on the neck was put on that thin that I actually wore spots off it and the neck tuirned green in parts....all this within 4 months.

It came with pickup surrounds screwed down too tight that they broke and cracked the surrounds, and the electrics kept cutting out due to a dodgy pot. so all in all it was a piece off poo that looked nice from a distance.

Tried to get my money back but was told I couldn't because of the recent take over and all prices have dropped. So I ended up looseing a few hundred pounds and the staff at Shite Control in Manchester the Salford branch were about as useful and helpful as a bunch of monkeys in a banana factory. Anyway that was a few years ago but like the murphys I'm not bitter :D

but yeah cool paint job if it stays on the guitar long enough

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Its a product called marbelizer, House of Kolor actually marketed the product as Erie Dess at one point. So much for the secrets of Jackson.

Basically you spray a base coat, let it dry.

Spray marbelizer, put on saran wrap and start spinning from the center. You can also let the saran wrap on there for a long time to get a different effect.

Then spray a transparent coat of colors.

Clear, buff and polish.

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