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Stewmac Switch Failing

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I've bought 5 stewmac 3 way selector switches (# 1217) and all 5 of them have failed in the exact same way (on different guitars). After working at first they will stop working in one of the positions.

This has happened in 4 different guitars. Doing a visual inspection I can't seem to find anything wrong with the switch and it looks like the terminals are contacting fine. Do these switches have a history of failing or am I doing something wrong?

At this point I think I'll call stewmac and ask for my money back, these things are not cheap at $12.68 each...

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I also have a 3 way from Stew Macs that doesn't always work properly on the neck pickup of the first electric guitar I built. By flicking the switch back and forth it usually comes right. I have never got around to fishing it out and running some fine wet/dry paper thru the contacts as I'm sure that would fix it. I tried switch cleaner but it didn't make much difference. I know it is annoying if your gigging and you have switch problems.

So far the same type switch on my 2nd electric works perfectly. I wonder if they may have had a bad batch made at some time.

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I've had similar results, the L-shaped switch is ok, but the straight ones come across as kinda flimsy. Too much play when in the middle position, I don't like that. I prefer a nice solid "snap" when switching between pickups. I've had to do some tweeking with needle nose pliers to align the tabs without grounding them out on each other AND getting a solid feel. From now on I'll get them locally where I can check them out before buying. I hope the folks at Stewmac read these forums now and then, darn good feedback for their QC dept.

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