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Neck Jig Follow Up

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Well its been a few weeks and no one stepped forward to assist me. I did what everyone does make the best of it from pictures and videos I was provided. Also got some excellent support from a few friends I've made on this forum who checked my detailed CAD plans and made excellent comments.

I figured I'd follow up on the post since I no longer need assistance as you can see. The Stumac chart would be nice but is not really that important now.

Thanks to those who kept the faith and voiced their support for the free exchange of information. I do not have a base yet; probably will just order the Stumac base and a cheaper vice from somewhere like Enco. I still have a few accessories to make. The body was strapped in for the pictures only.

I did build the Surrogate body not shown from the plans provided by Stumac. The indicator supports were modded to make the operation a whole lot simpler; besides using a bent table leg lag bolt seemed cheesy to me anyway, but I dont want to give away any secrets to Stumac now do I, Ha Ha.





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congrats & nice guitar :D

the guitar was a prototype I scraped before I finished it. It only has finish on it because I was testing some water based lacquer I bought. I forgot the exact reason why I scraped it but I believe the heel did not come out the way I wanted. Some day I will remove the truss rod to recover some of my costs and use the rest to warm my toes by the fire. For now it has become a test body to abuse. I'm testing the pads over several days in the jig to see if they mar the finish. Pads used for stopping furniture from moving on a wood floor. I will be adding the leather cross brackets from the Jig video in the near future.


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You did an excellent job. From all the reading I've done here, you are the craftman!!

Stewmacs price for the same is pretty awesome, and the base, wow!!! Too darned expensive for a hobbyist such as myself.

here is a less expensive stand, Sorry the plan was just a quick drawing so no dimensions.


The Craftsman, I feel like I should put on six shooter and play some spaghetti western music. Watch out boys here comes the Craftsman,. Thanks for the label I find it amusing, you made my day.


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