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Bridge versus fretboard radius

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The Stewmac/Carvin through neck I'm thinking of using for my project has a 15 inch radius. Most tune-o-matic style bridges seem to have a 12 inch radius. Does it matter?

I did some quick math and if my trigonometry is correct on a 2 and 1/16 string width (at the bridge) the difference, in the centre of the fretboard is 0.008968 of an inch. Or 9 thou. Less than a 1/100 of an inch. And thats the worst difference (centre of fretboard).

I can't imagine anybody would feel the difference. Any comments?

Cheers, Mike MacSween

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well i have a 14 radius floyd bridge on a 10 radius neck and i can certainly tell... if the neck didn't come all fretted and everything i'd sujjest you just round it down to 12...

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Although the 'worst' difference between a 10 inch and 14 inch radius is quite a bit greater - 0.015395. Nearly twice the difference between the 15" and the 12". Also the opposite way round. You've got a a bridge which is flatter than the fretboard. I'm considering a fretboard which is flatter than the bridge.

What does anybody else do? That Carvin neck is used by quite a few people. And a 15 inch radius board is common anyway. So what bridges does anybody use. According to the StewMac site pretty much all the TOM bridges seem to be 12" radius.

Cheers, Mike

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I'm probably going to end up going with this one:

Hipshot Hardtail Bridge

I'd like a TOM but given the radius differences plus the carved top problem, I think the Hipshot one will be easier to work with.

Although, I suppose it would be possible to file down the saddles on a TOM to match the radius of a fretboard. I won't be the first to try it, though. :D

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