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Need Help Wiring 2 Humbuckers W/ Parallel/split/series Option


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I have a fender jagmaster guitar with 2 humbuckers, one volume, one tone, and a 3 way pickup selector switch. I will be replacing the stock pickups with new dimarzio's. The new pickups would be a dimarzio super distortion for the bridge position and a Dimarzio PAF for the neck position. Both new Pickups have 4 wire conductors. Heres what i want done: Wire the pickups to get three tone options which are series, parallel, and split coil. Heres my idea on how to do this: Use a DPDT toggle switch with no middle position to choose between parallel and series. Then use a separate switch, this time a normal SPST for the split coil option. The split coil option will only work when the other DPDT switch is set at the series position. Heres what im not sure of though: Id like to have 3 tone options(series/parallel/coil-cut) on all three pickup position(Bridge only, Bridge and Neck, Neck Only) using just the two toggle switches i just mentioned along with 3-way pickup selector. Would this work?? In other words, can i choose any pickup position and along with that, have the option of selecting either parallel,series or coil cut using the two toggle switches??? Ive read the wiring diagram that came with the new dimarzio pickup and it only shows how to wire it with one pickup only using one DPDT(on/on/on) switch. My idea uses two switches and applies for all pickup position. Can anybody help me out?? Whats the best way of doing this??? Id like to get as much tonal variations from the new pickups.

Email me: racknrole@yahoo.com for your thoughts and comments. Thanks!

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I'm not sure if you can really do this with just two switches. Easy enough to do it for each pickup, before going to the tree way. Possibly be able to do it for both pickups at once (ie both cut, series, etc) but not independantly, which may be more useful.

One possibility is to have a switch with more poles, a 4PDT switch may be able to do this ok (just like two DPDT ganged together) and looks the same on the surface of the guitar, but again, would only work on both pickups at once...hmmm

I'll give it a little thought, but you may wish to think about the options also. Phase switching is another option that may be of use when combining the two pickups...so many options...

You may also want to check out this amazing site...DGB Studio - 2 HB wirings for a vast selection of different wiring ideas...

have fun... pete

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