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Finally Starting my project!!!

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OK well Hey Folks... Looks like i can finally start on my first project. Been thinking of doing this for years and now i can finally afford and have time to build one!

Well 2 really. First im starting with an Old Aria Mac 50 7string thats in pretty bad shape... and basiacally im stealing the neck and giving it a new body and compleatly new look. (will keep you informed)

And the 2nd is going to be Fixing my brothers old Les Paul.. hes had it for years and the neck doesnt sit properly to the body and is pretty banged up. 3 of the pots are broken. And so ive offered to Make it good as new.

I will keep you guys informed with all my progress and will prob come running to the comp asking for help when i f*** it up. Holding a sign like this :D feeling sorry for my self.

Big Tom


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