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Neck Pocket

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Hi, I'm having difficulty working out how I should cut my neck for my strat style project. I have a strat copy that I am using for the most of measurements but my neck is of a differnt scale to this. Will this make any difference, or do I make a template that will mean that the neck will fit tight, route it and then adjest the bridge accordingly? I can't see why this wouldn't work, but I may be missing something.

Also do I route the depth of the neck, up to the fretboard? Cheers, I know that this information is on the net, and in books, but since my neck is an anomaly I just wanted to check.

BTW the neck has only 21 frets and an 18 inch scale.

Cheers, Will

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yes. as long as your bridge will be placed somewhere that looks right. you wouldnt want to have to put it right at the bottom of the body to accommodate your scale length. it shouldnt really be a problem as long as you get the neck in the pocket

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