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Trying To Find Multipole Three Way Switches


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Hey folks, Im on a quest for (at least) a 4 pole on/on/on toggel switch. The must exist as old JPM model Ibanez guitars must have had them. But it seems like they are really hard to get!

A 6 pole would be ideal and I thought if anyone knew it would be the knowledgeable folks at project guitar.

Any advice help is much appreciated... plus Im not adverse to building my own switch if anyone knows where to get appropriate parts or circuit boards etc

Best wishes and thanks in advace for any advice


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ive found 4pdt on/on and on/off/on @ banzai



not exactly what you asked for but i hope its useful


ok bingo.



On-On-On, 4-Pole, 4PDT, Mini Switch (12 Terminals)

Retail Price: $22.00

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Thanks for the replies! Will look into those switches Samba pa ti!

What Im using it for is to control seperate cuircuites within the guitar. A seperate push/pull switch engages and disengages the sustainiac and I want to use the other poles of the main pickup selector switch to change the operating mode of the sustainiac.

Basically I dont want to add any more controls to this guitar as I want to use it live alot and my other sustainer guitar just has too many switches pots for use on stage ..

Keep the advice comming!



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Fortunatly/Unfortunatly DPDT switches dont always work that way. The centre position is often a diagonal (top left connected to centre and bottom right connected to centre) ...

Thanks for all the advice... I ended up using a Dimarzio EP1111 ... switch as Allparts UK took way too long to answer my quesitons and then when I put the order in they managed to loose my credit card details... never dealing with them again.

Managed to wire up what I wanted with two fewer poles than I thought I might need.. though Ill only say more when Im finished

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