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Ok, Taking Top Off With Heat Gun, 36" Blanket?

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Honestly? Househould irons work great for this. You only want to release the joint between the top and the sides/linings, so don't heat the sides, or you're more likely to release the joints along the linings themselves. Thin (not too sharp) palette knife, iron, work around the top slowly. If there's binding on there that may need to be routed off first. In fact, the simplest way to pop the top off - if you're going to throw it away anyway - is to take a lam trimmer and route the top off in one go; no need to worry about the binding until you're ready to re-bind the new top. Just route for binding when you're ready to apply the new stuff.

Factory tops, certianly ply ones, will be a constant depth throughout, so no fancy jigs needed.

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