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Applause Headstock Cracked Length Wise

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My friend is letting me barrow/ fix his applause. The headstock has an interesting crack. on the right side starting from the B tuner, along past the high E to where it curves into the neck is cracked straight through. The crack is slightly open past the high E tuner.

I had 3 ideas,

1) try to get enough glue into the open part of the crack and clamp it.

2) water down some glue and inject it into the crack with a syringe and clamp it

3) Try to break it of cleanly and simple glue it back on (my main idea)

Which would you recommend?



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Yowie, you better take the tension off the first string before that piece of wood flies across the room and takes out an eye! :D Remove all the tuners and see how deep the crack travels by probing with a thin blade but try not to break the piece off, unless it just comes apart in your hands. Try dry clamping and see if there is any flex in the crack. If there is some flex you could inject wood glue (don't water it down) or push it in with a very thin bladed knife and let gravity settle it in, upon clamping (use padding) there should be lots of glue squeezin' out. Wipe up with a damp cloth and let it sit for 24 hrs. It almost looks like someone made an attempt at filling the crack before.

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