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Making A Neck With A Template

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how do you make a neck when you use a template and bearing bit if it has a scarf joint? how do you rout to shape if when the scarf joint makes it at an angle and you cant use a template? thanks ahead of time.

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Cut the outline first then cut the scarf and join the headstock.

but if you cut first then do the scarf joint, then how do you rout the truss rod channel? from what i have been told you are supposed to rout the channel before you do the taper. and if you rout the channel first, then you have to have the scarf joint done before you can rout the channel and it all circles around again. so is it possible?

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If you do it that way, you'll have to route the channel after you make the joint. You'll have to rig up some kind of routing guide or fence to get the route straight along the middle of the neck if you really want to use the template like that.

Also, I just noticed that GBT's neck templates have a routing guide for the truss rod included with the kits. Use that.

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Use one template for the neck shaft, and one for the headstock.

Do the scarf before you route the truss rod channel, when everything's nice and square. Then route the slot, then rough-taper/cut out the shape with a saw, then tape down the template to the shaft, route, and subsquently tape it to the headstock, template route again.

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