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Swamp Ash

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I want to build a Strat with swamp ash. Number one what exactly is swamp ash? Black ash that grows in the north or is it a southern wood anyone know the genius and species? I am looking for a source to buy a couple boards. I have a jointer and planer so I can make up the blanks myself.

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Its just a Google away...




Personally I wouldn't buy any unless I had it in my hands first and could assess its true weight. The true swamp ash is a featherlight wood compared to other ash species. The reason why its so lightweight is because it grows fast in marshy areas resulting in large, porous summer growth rings.

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Swamp ash is not it's own species. It is most certainly not black ash ( fraxinus nigra ) , which is a northern species. If you look in a tree identification book, you will find that most species of ash also carry the name "swamp ash". This has nothing at all to do with the swamp ash that guitars are made of. Quite simply, it comes from the swollen bases of ash trees (probably red, white, and maybe even green ash ) that grow in the coastal swamps of the deep south. Black ash does not grow anywhere near here, but since it tends to grow in swampy areas in northern woods, it gets called swamp ash, just like some species of oak get called swamp oak, even though they have other common names as well. It is a bit confusing, but the rock hard ash of a baseball bat can be the same species as the soft ash of a telecaster. It all has to do with growing conditions.

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thanks for the info-does anyone have a source for swamp ash lumber? Or should I just buy a made up blank? Has anyone dealt with the www.guitarmill.com ? They sell several types of blanks at reasonable prices and have a interesting selection including pine.

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