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BeARs Acousticaster MP3 clip..........


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getting the file was a pretty big pain in the ass :D but well worth it, nice quality, sounds like you're no newb to recording either though B)

doesn't your ISP give you webspace with your internet account?

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I'm not a fan of piezo pickup sound, but it's pretty impressive, especially since when I first saw Bear's photo of the strat body routed all to hell, I thought, "oh no, what did he do ? " :D

Would be interested to hear how another version would sound, with regular guitar pick-ups in it, and maybe a bridge with a little metal on it, to make a strat sound more like a typical electric hollow-body. That's sort of what I did on my main guitar with putting a wood pick-guard on a "swimming pool" rout body. I think I got pretty close, but other more extreme mods, like Bear's latest project, might be even better to make a strat sound very close, or the same, as say a Gretsch Hollow-body.

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