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Natural Finish Question

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IM having a guitar built by a guy i met who has made hundreds of guitars. its a warlock body but with three humbucker pickups with four staggard les paul style knobs and a switch on the top fin. he making it out of AFRICAN MAHOGANY, BLACK WALNUT, and TIGER MAPLE. so i want to go with a natural look what do i finish it with just clear coat or stain then clear coat this is my first project guitar and i want to do something nobody has done before. somebody might have done it but i want it to look cool and unique so if anyone could help me out it would be awesome.

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A natural finish is pretty simple. Grain fill, then sanding sealer, then clear coat. That is pretty much the name of the game. Now if you want a colored finish, but where you can still see the grain, staining with dyes will get you what you want. Some people used tinted clear instead. Here some really good examples of stained guitars...



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