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Painting Aluminium?

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Hmm. I was thinking more of a design than a full solid color, but that could work too. Do you know where I can get black anodized aluminium? I could just anodize it myself, it's not very hard.

Besides, there isn't much "building" going on. I'm not building a guitar from scratch just customizing some bits, so I'm not concerned with the time it'll take.

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you'll need an etch primer or an etching solution. I'm guessing that you're in the UK as you've spelt it aluminium? Most DIY stores will sell a suitable primer, it is often sold as "special metals primer", or "garage door primer". Most are very nasty & should be used outside or in a very well ventilated area but I bought one that was odour free & has worked ok but it might not be strong enough for a pick guard. If you use etching solution you'll need to paint over it as soon as possible as aluminium oxidizes which is why most paints can't stick to it.

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you could use spray cans if you know what your looking for....

they make spray paint specificaly for metal work....

black is pretty common for engine blocks and stuff so any auto parts store should carry it....and it would be high temp resistant..ha ha even though you would never need that kind of protection on a guitar. its cheap and if you know how to use a spray can it can look great! my brother and i actually painted my first guitar project with spray cans. heres a pic of it its not a very good picture sorry but it will give you an idea of what can be done with a can!


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