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80's Flying V Stripped Down

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Hey guys, I have the chance to buy this for 75€ including case and pickguard.

The seller claims it's an "Ibanez" Cimar Flying V from the 80's (no way to tell, right? )

Well, how much would I have to spend on it ? (for those of you who made projects like this)

I already have some pickups I could use (Air Norton, Tone Zone, Screamin Demon, L500)



What do you say? Worth it?

What do you think the body wood is?


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Yeah, my first guess would be Mahogany too, but I'm no expert...

It's seems like a good deal... 75€ for a (probably) mahogany guitar, setneck, with a case... Since I already have pickps and straplocks, I would spend about 150€ tops on other stuff, right?

50 for the bridge, 50 for the tuners, and 50 more for pots, nut and other stuff.

I could probably get it painted in an autoshop for free. Or do it myself...

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I would have to say it is mahogany. From what I can see in those pictures I would have to say that it is a 1 piece set neck. 3 Piece body. I don't know if that will help with identifying the brand or not. Bridge and tailpiece could be done for under $30. You already have the pickups. Electronics could range from about $10 on up. Tuners will be anywhere from $10 on up, depending on what type and where you get them. Paint should be under $50 depending on if you do it or have a body shop do it.

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I'd do it, especially for so cheap. Looks like mahogany, you've got some of the more expensive parts already, the body looks in good condition. What's the reason not to, with a bit of work this guitar could look pretty nice! Barring pickups, you'd probably be looking at (in dollars):

-Tuners - $60

-Nut - $10

-bridge - $20

-tailpiece - $20

-strap buttons - $5

-misc electronics - $30 or so

and then whatever you want to spend on paint. The body looks nice, I might even keep it natural and just oil it.

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The body is realy seemed to a Ibanez Flying V 1975 or Gibson Flying V, but is just seemed.

Look to Ibanez Flying V 1975



Very diferent

The Gibson Flying V


If you give a fast look, you say, that's a gibson, but take a look to the piercing of the pickguard, it could be a Gibson, and if you still don't belive look to the heads.

That guitar could be everything but not a real one.

You can buy the body and the neck, and give you a great sound, but don't have any value.

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I'm not interested in selling, so that's not an issue.

My bassist picked it up, he said it looked really good, the body is in really good condition.

oldguitarguy, thanks for the link. That red translucid Gibson is probably what I'm going for, but I'll let my girlfriend pick the color for this one.

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This guitar could be made by Greco. They made flying v´s with the 70´s gibson features during the eighties.

Also the neck joint is similar to the Grecos that i´ve seen. There is this piece of wood under the actual neck blank in the neck joint.

Haven´t seen many other copies built like that.

Well, I got it last Saturday, and there was something weird...it was too light...ok, it's missing the hardware, but still...
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