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Is Tung Oil A Clear Finish?

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I've only used Minwax Tung Oil Finish, which is not pure tung oil. It does make wood look very slightly darker, but not much.

thats the one i was thinking of using, and i wouldnt mind it looking a little darker. what do yo think it would look like on this?


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Actually, that's a factory Minwax Tung Oil finish; I didn't do it. (It's a Carvin DC145.) They use four applications of oil. They rub it in by hand, wait 5-10 minutes, wipe off the excess, and do the next application after at least six hours drying time.

I have used the same finish on one on a kit I built, though I stained it red first. (Swamp ash body.) Over the red stain, it didn't darken noticeably. I used four or five applications (don't remember precisely) of oil finish, 6 to 24 hours apart. There are step-by-step details at this link: http://aias-inc.com/rick/carvin

The more applications you do, the darker (slightly...it's not a big difference) it'll get. Four applications over bare wood is probably going to be roughly equivalent in darkening to just wiping down the bare wood with mineral spirits.

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