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Low Volume On Neck Pickup W/rotary Switch

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Hi Folks,

I have just 'finished' wiring up my 4th build, a guitar for a friend. I am running 2 GFS Crunchy humbuckers with a Stew Mac PRS wiring kit including the 5 way rotary dial. I have wired 2 of these kits before with great success and have triple checked my wiring job to the diagram and also checked continuity of the solders/joins. The problem I have is that when you select the switch option that is turned fully to the neck end (which I assume would be the neck bucker on it's own), the volume drops considerably when compared to the other 4 selections (which I assume all have the bridge pup contributing to the volume). All 4 options except the far right sound great, but when you select the neck end (far left turn as you view from playing position), the volume drops heaps. You can still hear it but it's not right/no where near loud enough. Pickup heights are all ok and all components are brand new.

I have searched this and other forums and haven't found any threads with a vaguely similar problem. After checking and checking and re-checking I'm at a loss! Does anyone think the neck pickup may be faulty? Maybe a faulty switch? I am relcutant to pull it all out as I don't have another switch on hand although I do have a spare neck pup that I could try. Hopefully someone has experienced this situation before and can save me some heartache.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. :D

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