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Best Pickups For Rock/alt./punk?


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I've got a strat-style configuration right now but I wanted to get a humbucker for the bridge. Any suggestions? I was looking at the SD Invaders, but was wondering if there were some other good brands out there. I want something with lots of output, overwounds would be nice. Brands with sound clips on their site like SD would be helpful.

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try a nailbomb or some Seymore Duncans.

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Hmm BKP's Black Dog might be what I'm looking for, how can I get them if I'm in the US though?

Ah, nevermind, I couldn't afford them even if I could get them. I can't believe the US government anymore, wasn't the pound only like 1.4 dollars just a few months ago, and now it's 2 ****ing dollars.

You brits must feel like rich men when you order from the US

I would die for those pups though.

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