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Standard To Locking Nut

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I have searched and found a good amount of info on this topic, but the general consensus has always been that it is easier to just using locking tuners and a graphite nut. I just picked up a Jackson JS-1 very cheap that needs to be refinished. I am putting a Licsenced Floyd Rose bridge on it, and will need a locking nut. I have decided that I am absolutely going to use a locking nut, my question is what will work better a floyd style locking nut or the Kahler behind the nut, locking clamps. The Kahler will mount easier, but I do not know much about them and how well they work. The Floyd works very well, but will require a decent amount of work to add it. And I do not want to drop $30 for the Floyd nut to test the height of it to see how much wood needs to be removed only to find out it won't work. If I go with the Kahler clamps, do the ones with the flip style clamps hold the strings well, or am I still better going with the screw down clamps?

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I really prefer the Kahler behind the nut. Well actually, I prefer nothing but a graphite nut, but given the choices I'd go w/ the Kahler. The only reason I chose one over the other is feel. When you're sliding down the neck to 1st position, anything but a nicely rounded, smooth nut can dig into your hand.

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