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ickle scratches


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hey again...after removing three years worth of stickers from one of my babies, i am left with lots of little scratches...could i use t-cut and if so how much?

I'm not familiar with T-cut.

I would probably start with WD-40 to remove the sticker gum, and then use a polish compound to brighten up the finish. I've had good results with Turtle Wax scratch remover.

Good luck!

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I have no experience with it.



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hey man

i know what t-cut is.

but i am not sure it can be used on guitars.

i have a bottle of t-cut but it is blue, the colour of my parents car. my guitar is stained red with a clear polyurethane surface. but if i had clear t-cut, i would use it.

apart from that, you could try sanding it with 2000 grit sand paper and buff the surface with a buffing compound.


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