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Was Given A Guitar, What Is It Worth?

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This guitar was given to me by a friend. It originally said it was a fender stratocaster on the headstock but there is no way it was a strat. It was originally painted a gold/copper color but is now covered with newspaper. It was glued on and then cleared over the newspaper. The guitar plays pretty good, but I am considering selling it. I dunno what I should expect to get for it? I don't much more about the guitar. Under the newspaper on the headstock is the fender logo and stratocaster.....so I am considering ripping off the newspaper on the headstock and exposing that even though I know it isn'ta true fender. Any ideas as to how much I should ask?





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i have a couple of similar ones.

One of mine is badged "top twenty" the other is missing its logo. Top twenty was a UK name for some Teisco's so its probably something like that.

The pickups and bridge are different on mine but the controls, scratchpate and neck are identical

Value is minimal, they are very low budget things not even worth much if they are all original. Some teisocs are collectable but these are not really

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Did you read the printing? I can't believe someone would take the time and effort to cover a guitar like that with just a piece of plain old newspaper, must have some significance. Original New York Times announcing the sinking of the Titanic? First moonwalk? :D

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