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Guitar Sized Fretwire On A Bass

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Smaller is better for bass. Your .039 high by .084 fret-wire is very close to what I consider to be an ideal size for bass.

I wasn't smart enough to realize this until a couple of years ago.

I've put .037" x .080" frets on a short scale bass. Was used on a customer's album. I couldn't tell what tracks had the P-bass and which ones were the short scale. The short scale sounded just as big.

Some even like smaller frets on a bass. Check out Dingwall basses. Check out Lee Sklar or whatever the heck his name is. He likes tiny mandolin frets put on his bass, and even likes the height of them knocked down with a leveling job.

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I'm just wondering if I might have any issues if I do this. I bought a whole tube of medium/medium fretwire from Stewmac a few years ago and would like to use it up, still got LOTS left. I'm working out a shortscale bass (30") and am currently forming a fb from scratch.

Not sure on a bass but I like small frets on my guitar. I prefer those that are more for a banjo or mandolin. So I guess it's all what feels good!!!! It seems to have a crisper note to me as well?

Just my .02cents


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