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Need Tips And Advice For Relicing A Les Paul

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Im new to relicing and I have a les paul that I think I coudl afford to do it with.

Are there any examples of techniques and methods to get a cool looking relic? Any URLs or some point of reference for starting out?

Id ont want to just take a chain and other medievial weapons and start beating away at it lol.


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The answer to your question depends entirely on whether you just want it to look beat and used, or if you want to replicate the appearance of a vintage instrument. They are light years apart.

The first is reasonably straightforward, the latter is shrouded in secrecy and black magic.

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Its definately not a real les paul, so I dont want to take painstaking effort in doing it.

Its a epiphone lespaul blackbeauty, and I hate all black anything. And I also hate the gold hardware.

I found scotchbriting the gold gets tarnishes the finnish of the gold somewhat and lets the chrome sing through.

I also sanded the paint off the back, and found a pretty nice looking grain of mahogany, so I tried staining it a cherry red with some decent results.

Its just drying now, so I'll see how it goes. I'll definately sand it wiht an ultra fine grit after about four or five hrs, and then apply a darker gloss finnish coat. maybe?

If I were to do the same to the top, how could I add a sunburst finnish if I have a cherry stain and a dark mahogany stain? I dont have any woodworking experience lol.

Any ideas are appreciated.

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