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Floyd Placement Math

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Just a question for all you floyd users. I am building a Strat with a floyd and need to know if my math adds up correctly for Bridge placement. Stew-Mac says that the center point of the studs should be 25" from the nut. If the nut to the end of the neck is the standard (warmoth) 18 7/16" then the distance from the end of the neck pocket (furthest point into the guitar towards the bridge) to the center of the bridge studs should be 6 9/16". I know the math adds up, but what is everyones experience on this placement. Does it jive? If you buy a body from Warmoth or another builder, is this where they place the studs?Sorry if this has been covered, but I couldn't find anything by searching.



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To be honest i wait until the neck's ready, bolt it on and just measure from the nut just in case something hasn't gone as planned. If you're buying components rather than making from scratch yourself i'd 100% wait until you've got the neck and body together before you start drilling anything.


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