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Toggle Installation Help, If You Please


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I'm hoping to cash in on everyone's vast experience here... and not have to reinvent the wheel.

Here's the situation -

I've got a Telecaster Thinline to build, and we want a LP toggle in the top, close to the normal LP position (sort of like a Tele Custom/Deluxe location).

Warmoth is building the body, which I'll finish and assemble. So, I asked, can you put the LP route up there, with back cover. Answer was yes, and no. Yes it can be done, but the wood is so thin in that area on the back - less than 1/4 inch they said - that it leaves nearly a paper thin place to put a screw to hold a cover, and... no they'd not be responsible for chips and such. However, they did say.... you can feed the toggle thru the F/hole - it fits - and it works just fine that way. They did go on to say they leave the back thicker in the regular control cavity location just for that reason... to be able to not have chips and to hold the screws with some success.

So.... thats what I planned on. Now, on a 335 body you can just reach in and hold the switch from turning when you tighten the nut. Not so on a TeleThinline when the switch is awwwaaay up in the upper bout.

Been thinking, I could probably fashion a tool to hold the switch. Or just some sort of spacer on a stick if I can get an angled switch thru the f/hole. Just wanted to hear how its been done before... from you experts!

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When I build a guitar I want most every component to be fully accessible. If the wood is too thin in the back then I wouldn't cut through. How thick is the wood on the front of the guitar in the same area where the switch will mount? If its thicker then you could mount a plate on the front with a little ledge around the hole for mounting screws. Drill a hole through the center of the plate to mount your switch and pop the whole thing in as one unit.

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The top is 1/4 inch thick, maple

That leaves the same situation if I remove material from the top for a plate...

I dont mind passing it thru... all the ES guitars do that with pots and such. Its just that pots will sort of "self grab" by way of the star washer. I'm wondering if there's room for a star washer on the switch too... I've got em big enuf for that, just that the thickness goes up....

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I'm assuming the back is mahogany, a much softer wood than maple. All you need is 1/16" to flush mount the plate which leaves you plenty of thickness in the maple for mounting small screws. Hmmm, might be time to design a switch housing that has a compression fitting that expands as you tighten. :D

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Hmmm, might be time to design a switch housing that has a compression fitting that expands as you tighten.

Now we're talking!~

I spose... if some kind soul doesn't come forth with it here... I'll have to see if an angled switch will fit thru the f/hole. That should be easier to just "hold from spinning" than a shorty straight one.

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