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Broken Bass Practice Amp...


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I have one of those Gorilla preamps from back when I first started to play. The cone got crushed thanks to the cheap fabric "grille", the particle board face busted out, and the wires to the speaker keep coming unsoldered. Yeah, I could fix it again, but I was wondering if you could turn this little piece into some kind of pre amp. It's small, compact and lightweight? Am I dreaming the impossible dream again or does someone want to buy a cheap project?

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I dont know if I really want to rebuild a 6 inch practice amp.. I suppose I could easily place that into a cavity, but I wonder how I would go about powering it.

I don't know much about solid-state stuff, but I THINK you could just measure the DC supply voltage in the relevant part of the circuit. I assume it would be 12v, but I don't know.

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I spoke to a technician who does a lot of modding and rigging professionally. He said that I should be about to remove the ac cord and look for a 9v power spot in the board, then add a battery connector to that. Does that sound right, or did I not hear him correctly?

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