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Resonator Strings ?

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I heard good things about the Michael Messer strings, albeit from the forums on his site. Generally they're heavy gauge.

What reso you got? Any pictures?

Thanks for your reply ToneMonkey .

I will check out those Messer strings but I don't know if they are available in Belgium ?

PIctures of my reso are in in this post: My Reso


= Raf =

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That's a fairly nice reso dude. Who made it?

It's an "el cheapo" Jonhson triolian :D

I bought it for 215 USD ...

I plays very well but I have do some modding.

I have to replace the bicuit, it's made out of some light wood ... and I gonna replace it by one made out of oak.

The tuners aren't that great I need to replace them too but I don't now yet which tuners I gonna use .

For this moment I'm sanding, sanding and sanding to get that mahogany wood back



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It's also worth checking that the cone is sitting flat on the sound ring. Alot of cheap acoustics have a soft pad to rest the cone on so it doesn't rattle. The jury is still out on this, but if you can remove it and have the cone sitting in the sound ring (and it doesn't rattle) then it may be worth looking at that.

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