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Series Switching


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I was thinking of putting a switch in my guitar that will put the three pickups in series. I'm pretty sure that this will work when the five way switch is in the neck position, but I don't know what will happen when the other positions are selected. I was thinking that, say, if it was in the middle position I would have the bridge and middle in series. Am I right in thinking that? and what about the neck+mid position? Will that be all three in series? and one more question, what will happen if I put a phase reversal switch on the middle pup? will it just not work when the series switch is on, or will I have the middle pup out of phase with the bridge and neck pups?

Any advice would be great.


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So many combinations, each one has its merits but you will always sacrifice something. I chose the "strat-series2" configuration from the link below. It works very well but 2 of the new switch positions don't do anything different. But when you consider the various combinations you can achieve in a 3-pickup guitar just by adding 1 DPDT switch its more than enough. :D


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thanks, great link. I think I'll go with strat-all-series. It's pretty much what I have, except with the option of having the neck and bridge in series, which seems more useful that bridge and middle...maybe. But I'm still curious as to what will happen when I use the phase reversal switch on the middle pickup when all three are in series. Anyone? will it just be ultra-cancel-everything-outy? because it will be taking the signal from the middle (reverse phase) passing it through the bridge, then taking that reduced signal and passing it through the neck pup before going to the output. amirite?


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