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Ibanez RG270


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That's why I play Hardtail guitars. :D

The best ways I have discovered are to make sure the strings aren't hanging up in the nut. They either need to be locked, as with a locking nut, or fully free to move back into place after a bend. Try making sure you don't have any tight, deep slots, where they could be dragging. Also make sure your tuners are tight. I had a tuner that would slip a little bit, when I got crazy with the bar. (Floating bar, and I was raising the pitch as well as lowering it.) The other thing is to make sure you don't have seven or eight loose sloppy turns of string on a post, as this will create tuning problems.

Play without the amp turned on. Without strumming, shove the bar all the way down. Move it back and forth several times. If you hear creaking, or pinging noises from the strings, that will sometimes show you where the strings are hanging up a bit.

I have never had a strat style trem that would really stay in tune for me. The only one I ever had, that would, was a Floyd Rose, with a locking nut. Even then, I had to retune between sets. Maybe some of the guys who still play with bars can be more helpful.

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Make sure your strings are properly stretched out before you start playing. To do this grab them between the 7th and 12th frets and give them a few good tugs while you're tuning them. Eventually you should be able to tug them without them going flat.

Next up, make sure that your locking nut is tightend down properly. When the lock nut it tichtened you should be able to press down on the strings behind the nut without having anything go sharp on the playing end.

Next up, depending on how old your 270 is you might have a single locking trem. If your trem is single locking make sure that the rollers on the bridge (where the string passes over the saddle) roll properly without getting all bunched up. If they don't roll smoothly go to the local hardware store and get some light grease, graphite based if you can, and apply it to the sides of the rollers.

If your have a newer 270 with the double locking trem make sure the strings are locked into the saddle securely.

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