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What To Do About Truss Rod Length?

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what do i do? if i do a 24.75 scale the 18 inch truss rod is the same lenght as the fretboard.(22 frets) i know i should have figured this out before i bought the rod from stew mac, but the instructions said to get the 18" length for electric guitars. but even if it were a 25.5" scale with 22 frets, you would still only have about .5" inch clearence before you get to the end of the fretboard. and for a 24" scale length neck, which i was planning on doing, it makes it impossible. is there anyway i can modify the rod or something to make it work? PLEASE HELP!

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did ya try shortening it with the threads yet?

i actually dont even have it yet, i ordered it from stew mac on friday and it should be here by the weekend. does the 18" length include the adjuster nut? because if it does that gives a little more room. how do you shorten the threads?

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ok i have one in my hand i got it down to 17 and 3/8 by the threads that are on it (just have to trim the back threads off) if ya trim a tiny bit of plastic away from the red covers ya prob can get it to 17 straight up :D oh it is 18 including the nut

ok thanks i will see what i can do when i get it.

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