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what type of paint?


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:D i'm trying to do a Zebra skin style paint job for my guitar, i figured i have to spry it white first and then paint the black stripes on but how!?!? what type of paint shall i use for:

i the white base coat.

ii the black stripes.

iii any recomendations for a solid coulor on the neck?!?!

please help me as i'm new to this!!!

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Here's one way; after priming and shooting the base color (white), shoot a couple of coats of clear for insurance, then mask the stripes out with tape, frisket film or a template, and shoot the black stripes. Alternatively, if you're an airbrush wizard, shoot the stripes freehand. Either leave the neck natural, or continue the stripes up the back of the neck, any way you want it.

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