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How I Decided On My Headstock Design.

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I have a drawing of my headstock design on the computer. I liked it but I was still unsure about it, how it would translate to the real thing.

So I whipped up a batch of play-dough yesterday and got to work a few minutes ago. It doesn't have very good ratios, but the shape is correct. The idea of the shape comes across really well. So I decided to stick with the shape and will use it if I ever make this guitar.

Sometimes it's just easier to see a 3d thing, not a 2d plan of one. I could get cad software but I'd rather stick with photoshop. I plan on trying some ideas for a new body shape too. And the scent of the strawberry tea I added was "inspiring" ... or ... something.

More picutres -> http://picasaweb.google.com/nylisk/HeadstockSculpture


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LOL, I gotta say I first thought that was some pepperjack cheese or something and was like what the heck! But that is a fairly good idea, sometimes it's even tough to get a good feel for a shape even on a 3d computer program. I do much better when I have it in front of me, which is tough when it comes to guitar stuff. You should grab some white playdoh and throw some binding on that thing, that would be cool. J

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It's a nice method - I did something similar with plasticine when planning my body shape, as the carve sort of alters your perception of the shape, and it's a much quicker method when you know you sort of want to pull the lower bout out or something.

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