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New 8 String

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Hope your build works out well. Ive been going insane on mine time wise ive been taking forever to finish . mainly because I have been saving for a new band saw. That and the fact that I have sent my kahler 8 string bridge back to kahler to have them modify mine so there has been a lot of back and forth shipping dahhh anyways I love the look of your 8 string cant wait to see it finished are you going to post any sound clips??

... B) Prostheta ur building an 8 :D man ive been gone to long do tell lol do you have any pics man?? :D

lol im finally using some smillys ha man too much dew for me im wired

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cool man cant wait to see it man wish the best of luck to you

Well, one of them is based on the (now pretty much defunct as builders) LGM Leviathan shape. I love that thing. The other is a tossup between the Jackson Warrior shape or a Mockingbird. I've a lot of deciding to do because of the obvious balance issues. The headstock is my favourite bit of "designing out" which i'll go through in good time :-D

Sorry to threadjack.

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nor do I - as others have mentioned, the string spacing will be all out of kilter and it will probably give an uneven pickup of the strings.

I had played with the idea of a neck pickip, but at £85 a pop, I think not! Besides, if Meshuggah don't need a neck pickup, I don't LMAO. nice logic, I hope you approve!


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