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Melvin's Book In Europe?

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I thought this would be a good place to ask for this since this book is a tool in itself :D

I have been looking around the web to buy Melvin Hiscock's (man what a last name!!!) guitar building book, but only found it in 2 american shops. I live in Spain and shipping gets too expensive if I want to get it from Warmoth which is where I found it.

Any one knows of a web shop in Europe where I can buy it? Amazon does not carry it so I am out of luck with that.

Any help/option would be greatly appreciated.

Later :D

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For starters, Amazon.co.uk carries it, and any book shop should be able to order it for you. There's always Rockinger.com, and you may want to simply ask Madinter.com to add it to their webshop; they certainly should carry it if they don't yet.

Thanks for the reply. Somehow an early query in Amazon didn't show any results, but I tried again and it came up so I ordered it right away. It should be here by Thrusday :D


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