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Affixing Pearloid Material To Guitar

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Because I'm a complete goofball, I'm working on an Euro/Italian-style guitar with a bound pearloid covered top and headstock. I'm practicing on a pre-finished (poly?) LP/slab style and would like to know:

How can I affix the pearloid material to a modern poly finish?

How can I affix the pearloid material to unfinished wood, and when? Before or after sealer ?

Thanks and best regards,


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Superglue sticks to poly; a lot of import acoustics simply have their wood bridges glued directly to the finish with medium/thick superglue.

As for when...beats me. Test on scrap with various glues (epoxy or polyurethane straight onto the wood after roughing it up a bit for epoxy, or moistening it for PU might work)

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