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Car Spray Paint On A Guitar?

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That'll work fine. You've got a lot of options when it comes to painting wood, the important thing is not to mix between brands/types of finishes.

You can go here for excellent rattlecan lacquer, supplies, and information specifically for guitar applications:



Be aware that Reranch is not open 24/7. The owner is a working musician who sells paint on the side, so be patient. (The store should be open today, but probably not for long.)

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these guys are highly recommended: http://www.auto-paint.co.uk/

They mixed up some surf green from the original GM paint codes from the 50's for me, sent me a painted sample card in the post & made up a batch of aerosols for me when I was happy. When I said that I was refinishing a guitar & needed a laquer also he made the paint a satin finish rather than gloss to help with adhesion...not something that I would have expected but a nice touch. Great, friendly service & not too badly priced either.

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one paint i would avoid is krylon paintyourownguitar.com used to recomend it but the company changed there formula and now your almost guarenteed micro cracks in your finish. They now recomend duplicolor so that should be good.

I used Krylon on my custom guitar to great success (I did use about 10 coats in some areas.) But my only problem with it is that it is TOO "rubbery." I is so flexible that it will not only never crack, it won't harden completely either. It just is not the most solid of paints when dryed.... but that could just be the 10+ coats......


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Yes I've definetly heard good things about Dupli-Color. But a slightly cheaper alternative would be ArmorCoat. I don't know if its available in the UK but I have heard some success stories from friends who have used it.

Yeah one of the worse things you could do would be switching brands.

What colour are you thinking?


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So im painting my body, and my dad thinks it will be easier and maybe cheaper to paint the guitar using car spray paint..

But is this ok? Will it kill the sustain/tone or anything...destroy the wood?

My dads already primered it..

This is my first re painting of a guitar so i dont know what paint will be best

No, I don't think so. I have a Schecter Cloud Guitar the guitar Prince plays & my girlfriend got mad & broke it in Feb. 07'. The neck just completely snapped, a $2300 loss. But wait a minute, at work I figured get some Gorrila Glue & use the strings that were already on there 2 hold the tension some what. I glued it & clamped the neck back in postion as if good as new. The next problem was the glue had kinda oozed out the sides of the fracture so I began sanding the excess glue back 2 an even texture. So once that process started I figured 2 just re-paint the whole axe all over again. So I ordered inlays that were exact replicas of the symbol Prince once called his name. The guiat was then taken 2 a auto body shop that had just did awesome body work on my car. They used BMW black auto paint & coated it with around 22 coats. It dried 4 a day b4 I went back & put the custom inlays on it & then it was lacquerd. It came out very nice & I also installed a brass nut 2 add more sustain. Although it's not my favorite axe as far as tone goes I still love it 2 death. I am also building my own Cloud Guitar right now as we speak.

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