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New Toy.

j. pierce

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Got this a while back, and have finally had enough use on it that I can say that I really enjoy it. I needed something with a little more oomph, that could use a 1/2" collet. My old Skil was starting to show it's age in ways that I didn't really feel were safe, and I wanted something with a fixed base as well.

The three bases is a nice feature, (although the D-handle probably won't get much use in guitarpentry, it's handy) and the dust collection port on the plunge base is a godsend. One of the nicest plunge bases I've had the pleasure of using. Edge guide is much sturdier than the one I used to have. A big ol' case is handy. Love the heavy duty detachable cords.

I don't know, not much to say, it's a router, and it does it's job well, I'm very pleased. I'm pretty excited and happy with it, and haven't found anything about it that bugs me. There's a rebate at the DeWalt site (I bought this a while back, but I believe it's still running) for $50 bucks off the three base kit, as well as a lesser amount off the 2 base kit.

It's just nice to start owning real tools.

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