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Adding A Single Coil To A H/h


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I don't understand the question. Isn't it self-evident that you can use whatever pickup combination you want? But if it's popular approval that you're after, there are thousands of commercially-available guitars with a Hum-Single-Hum configuration, and indeed Ibanez Jem and Universe, not to mention many of the "RG" models, should serve as a starting point.

I mean... it's one of the most popular guitar pickup combinations ever, particularly for "shred" superstrat guitars. Surely you have seem this pickup combination thousands and thousands of times...!

If the question is, "would it be easy?" then I guess it would depend entirely on your starting point, what you're willing to engage in (eg. stripping a guitar's finish, routing a new cavity, etc...), and what your resources are. But that's not what your question seemed to be. :D

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There's no reason to suspect there being problems with EMI, if thousands and thousands of commercial guitars (including some of Ibanez's best) have come with the combination. ;-)

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