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Wood Identificaton Help

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I've got a load of these three woods, and me not being able to identify anything other than maple and mahogany, don't know what they are!

I'm thinking (hoping) the first one is rosewood of some kind, and the third one maybe alder, but I have no clue to the second one, despite using it for a fingerboard!

Any help in enlightening me would be greatly appreciated!




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thats 2 for walnut. i had some very similar wood a few years ago.

2 - emm, maybe ash if it is a hardwood. maybe its redwood or pine if a softwood. you can tell by the smell and resin content.

3 - it does look like alder

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I'm not an expert, but I'll venture a guess that the first is walnut. The second I am no sure, but I want to say it looks a lot like pine. The third looks like it could be alder, but could also be poplar that is light on mineral streaks.

Walnut eh? I didn't think of that. The second one definatly isn't pine, its harder than oak, plus the colouring is brighter than the picture shows.

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First one looks a great deal like Walnut.

Second one is most definitely a hard wood because of the pores - A hardwood Pine or American Ash.

Last one is tricky, is it fully dry and very dense? If so, I'm thinking Yellowheart, but there are a couple other possibilities.

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Yeah, I agree with everyone with walnut for the first one, before reading the responses that was my guess as well.

here's a link to black walnut which your wood looks close to Black walnut

The second one I have no idea, it really looks similar to tulipwood, but your piece probably had properties that exclude tulipwood, never-the-less thats what first came to mind, though doubtful it is, especially because the pale colored area looks a little too pale unless it was the sap wood, but then you wouldn't have the streaks through it like that, I dunno, look cool though. Tulipwood

The third I don't know, all the suggestion sound possible to me. I wanted to add that it looks similar to some pieces of Prima Vera from this link Prima Vera

I enjoy this game everytime someone had unknown wood, but the pics have to be good or its pointless as it looks like everything. A certain site will actually try and figure it our for you, I think it might be the one I am linking to. There are certain restrictions and rules about asking, but they might be able to check it out for you, if you offer more pics with better details like end grain shots and what not. If you want the look through the site, there should be a link at the top to open the main page. Its a great and helpful site that shows many pieces of a lot of different woods because showing a single piece really does do much because pieces can vary so much. Anyhow, best of luck finding out, either way some cool wood you got on hand, that walnut will make for a great looking guitar. J

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If #2 were more yellow in color I would say Lodgepole pine. Very hard wood when dry.

Just a guess??? But the color doesn't quite look right but the grain does?

Just my .02cents


The wood is more yellow than the photo shows, so maybe it is, and thanks for the link, jmrenits, that looks to be a very useful website.

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No problem. The site was passed onto me and I thought it was great, so now I pass it out when I can. The reason I like it is the amount of pieces they show for each wood, that fact alone makes it so much more useful than many other sites. Best of luck. J

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